Low Cost Indoor Air Quality CO2 Sensors

cubic ndir co2 sensor

GasLab offers several models of Cubic's indoor or outdoor air quality carbon dioxide sensors designed for both high-volume OEM products as well single sensors for students, scientists and engineers interested in the speed, accuracy and long-life that a nondispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 sensor provides at a very low price.

Why Cubic CO2 Sensors?

The increased demand for small-footprint CO2 sensors worldwide used in indoor air quality products has led to a number of manufacturer’s offering similar sensors based around a standard design. While all of them have different strengths and weaknesses, they share these common features:

  • Measures between 2,000 and 10,000 ppm CO2 for IAQ
  • < 100ppm accuracy
  • < 5VDC power required
  • Serial UART output
  • Automatic Background (ABC) Calibration
  • 33x20x8mm “small footprint” design

The engineers at GasLab spent over a year visiting the factories and testing the sensors from several manufacturers to find a product that offered the same features of our current sensors at a better price. The result was our decision to offer the Cubic line of CO2 sensors.

Cubic offers a breakthrough combination of price, performance, stability and the ability to ship sensors in large quantities that our customers required. In addition, these Cubic sensors were footprint compatible with many other manufacturers, making it easy for OEM customers to change over to Cubic sensors at minimal cost.

While not well-known in America, Cubic is known throughout Asia as a respected partner offering oxygen, CO2 and particle matter sensors for the air quality, medical and automotive markets. Brand partners include well-known names including Philips, Panasonic, Volkswagen, and Bosch. Their product support and documentation rival any of the other manufactures in the field.

Benefits of Cubic CO2 Sensors

Along with the price, Cubic CO2 sensors are footprint and pin compatible with industry standard CO2 sensors including the SenseAir S8 and S-11 Sunrise, Winsense, Radiant, ELT and others. However, they require different UART software strings to communicate. Fortunately for developers this is easily accomplished by mapping the differences in input and output strings. For single-sensor users, the detailed documentation means this will never be an issue.

The sensors are all UART communication by default. In addition, they also include I2C and support RS-485 (non Modbus) as well as a PWM output.

This makes these sensor an easy replacement for many other models available.

Using the Cubic CO2 Sensor

This video shows how quickly you can power and start using this sensor with an FTDI USB cable and free, off the shelf software.

Lowest Cost NDIR CO2 Sensor

Learn more about Cubic sensors.

Cubic CO2 Sensors In Stock

While Cubic has a vast selection of CO2 sensors, the models we currently offer are:

CU-1107-N CO2 Sensor Module - 0-5,000 ppm, dual beam light source, automatic background calibration off by default makes this suitable for non fresh air applications.

CU-1109 - similar to the CU-1107-N, split beam light source, improved accuracy.

CU-1106H-NS. Single-beam NDIR 0-2,000 ppm sensor. Alternative to the SenseAir S8 commercial CO2 sensor with wider working temperature, faster to first reading.

CU-1106SL-N and CU-1106SL-NS. Super low power sensors designed for battery operated devices. Alternative to the SenseAir S11 Sunrise sensor.

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