TecPen Oxygen Analyzer for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Tecpen O2 Analyzer for MAP


The TecPen Oxygen Analyzer for Modified Atmosphere Packaging provides fast and accurate oxygen level measurements between 0.01 and 5% by volume. By using a thin, hollow needle and micro-pump to take gas samples through clear packaging material or a septum, The TecPen is useful as a gas analyzer for quality control during modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) testing shrink wrapped or vacuum sealed food products, or as a head space oxygen analyzer.

In addition to its usefulness as a MAP oxygen analyzer or a head space gas analyzer, because it is hand-held and rechargeable the TecPen can be used in the field for controlled atmosphere storage (CAS) applications.

The TecPen is also useful as a head space gas analyzer for quality control testing of safety sealed containers for pharmaceuticals, makeup, skin care products or in any application where oxygen can impact the safety, freshness or longevity of the product.

In the lab, the TecPen can be useful in biochemical and molecular biology research as well as testing for pathogenic microorganism growth in sealed containers.

Long-Life Opto-chemical Sensor

MAP oxygen analyzer

The secret to the TecPen’s speed and low-oxygen level measurement performance is the opto-chemical oxygen sensor technology. The benefit of opto-chemical sensing is speed and accuracy. The TecPen’s sensor can respond to changes in oxygen levels in less than a quarter of a second. Because of the time it takes the micro pump inside the TecPen to pull the gas sample from the cannula to the sensor it is able to display the oxygen level in as little as 3 seconds. And because of the inherent accuracy of opto-chemical sensors, the TecPen can measure oxygen levels down to 0.01% or less than 4 parts per million.

Learn more about how modified atmosphere packaging protects food or the importance of MAP for food safety.

Data Logging

The TecPen features built-in data logging of time-stamped oxygen level measurements for quality control. Data can be downloaded as industry-standard .CSV files via the same USB cable that is used to recharge the built-in Li-Ion battery. This makes the TecPen useful for gathering data each day for over time for scientific applications or where data must be logged and stored for quality control.

Easy to Use

The TecPen comes pre-calibrated from the factory. It only requires two buttons to operate: power on, and start measurement. Each time a measurement is taken, the TecPen displays it in large characters on the LCD screen.

Learn more about or purchase a TecPen here.

About TecSense

The TecPen is manufactured by TecSense GbmH, an Austrian supplier of optical oxygen sensors for measurement in gas and liquid used in industrial and scientific applications. The TecPen quality orientation is documented by certification to ISO 9001 by the Bureau Veritas Certification. In addition, all TecSense products including the TecPen are CE certified and comply with ASTM F2714_08 and EU Food Standard Commission Regulation (EC) No 450/2009.

GasLab.com is an authorized distributor of the TecPen and all TecSense products in the US.

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