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Sensors Expo Recap

For over 30 years, the Sensors Expo and Conference has displayed the latest research and technical knowledge in the sensor world. This years’ event featured over 65 conference sessions, saw more than 7,000 thousand attendees, and over 400 exhibitors-wow! GasLab was able to be one of the lucky exhibitors and joined in on the action! We had a great time meeting potential customers and enjoyed learning about new sensor technologies; each year we see more and more innovation!

So Much To See!

With so much to do and learn, there was a lot to take in. From discussing emerging technologies with potential customers, to learning innovative trends, we are able to share our initial insight.

There was a lot of interest this year in Oxygen depletion technologies. For example, Modified Atmospheric Packaging is the way of monitoring oxygen depletion in industries such as food packaging and pharma. GasLab featured the TecPen at this conference to showcase its ability to test oxygen levels in food and pharmaceutical packaging. We enjoyed showcasing the handheld technology of the TecPen and demonstrating its capability to measure oxygen levels in just three seconds. Attendees were extremely excited!

One key sensor that is always popular overall was the AlphaSense O2-A2 Oxygen Sensor. AlphaSense is an industry leader in sensor technology especially in the 02 market. This sensor in particular is popular because of its low price, accuracy and  reliability to measure up to 21% oxygen levels by volume. This sensor is always heavily inquired about at expos.

Among the new high-tech equipment came inquiries regarding next generation safety wearables, such as incorporating Bluetooth technology into the detector. GasLab is looking forward to where and what new innovations will go. The personal safety industry offers many applications for wearable sensors, and we are excited to see what we can bring to the table for the conference next year.


The Age of Smart

There was also much discussion about new “smart” industry technology. In the Age of Smart that world now lives in, there is always talk of the latest smart technology, from smart phones and now smart sensors. Many devices are being made “smart” by connecting them over the Internet. These smart devices will be able to send data over the Internet and also be controlled over the Internet. The term Internet of Things (IoT) is used to describe such devices that have become “things” on the Internet. That now includes sensors.

With such demand for more tools to be “smart,” GasLab has embraced the smart tech trend and was pleased to demonstrate the LuminOX LOX-02 25% Oxygen Sensor at the expo. This sensor measures ambient oxygen using florescence quenching. What makes this sensor smart is that it can be connected to the MX board which features built-in data logging. All you have to do is plug the MX

What's Next?

Overall, we predicted that this expo would be larger and feature more devices and technology than ever before, and there was much more to learn! We will continue to advance our GasLab technology to continue to give you only the best in sensor solutions and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store. Save the date for Sensors Expo 2020, June 9th-11th in San Jose- we’ll see you there!


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