Tube Cap Adapters for 20mm Gas Sensors

tube cap adapter

GasLab now offers tube cap adapters for all our standard 20mm gas sensors. Tube cap adapters turn a diffusion (open air) sensor into a sampling sensor so that a sample gas can be drawn over the sensor, then returned back to the sample or expelled into the open air.

Our tube cap sensors come in top or side mount and the size tubing you are using:

  • 3mm with side mounted ports
  • 3mm with top mounted ports
  • 4.5mm with top mounted ports

The tube cap adapters are made from a molded polymer that provides an air-tight seal around the sensor while making them easy to remove.

Here is an example of a benchtop gas sampling setup using a tube cap adapter.

gas sampling kit

The sample gas is first drawn through a particulate filter, water trap and hydrophobic filter to remove any particles or condensation that might foul the sensor. The sample gas is then pulled “in” over the top of the sensor and “out” by a micro pump that provides approximately 0.3 liters per minute of flow. The sample out gas can be returned to the original sample or expelled into the room air.

The advantage of a tube cap adapter is that it provides a consistent flow of gas across the sensor. This is especially important for high-speed sensors that can measure changes in oxygen or carbon dioxide levels in the sub-second range depending on the speed of the sensor. For example, tube cap adapters make sampling sensors that are useful in capnography or measuring live subject respiration.

More Options

In addition to offering tube cap adapters for all our 20mm round gas sensors, GasLab offers tube cap adapters for many of our other sensors too. For example, the CM-0114 tube cap adapter for SenseAir’s line of K-30 sensors makes it easy to create a closed loop gas sampling system.

sampling sensor micro pump kit

GasLab also offers the CM-0111 sampling sensor micro pump kit, an easy way to use a sampling sensor. The kit includes hoses, fittings, filters and a battery-operated micro pump – everything you need to start measuring gas samples efficiently and accurately.

We also offer Thomas Micro pumps to build your own gas sampling system and Nafion gas drying Tubing for gas sampling projects where condensation may foul the sensor.

tube cap adapter

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