Tube Cap Adapter Adds %RH/T, Barometric Pressure to Sensors

by Ray Hicks, President,

sampling sensor

In addition to our regular Sampling Tube Cap Adapters for 20mm electrochemical sensors, GasLab now offers 2 new sampling tube cap adapters designed to work with our LuminOX LOX-02 25% Oxygen Sensor and ExplorIR®-M 5%, 20% and 100% CO2 Sensors with MX-Board development kits.

These tube caps not only turn the normally ambient air sensors into sample draw sensors, but add the ability to monitor % relative humidity, temperature and barometric pressure within the sample gas stream.

When used with our free GasLab® software and the new tube cap adapters give you the ability to perform both real-time and long-term analysis of up to 25% oxygen and 100% CO2 gas samples. Add a Gas Sampling Sensor Micro-Pump kit, and you can monitor changes in the gas as they happen.

To show you what we mean, here's an screen shot of the GasLab® software recording oxygen, %RH, temperature and barometric pressure in real time from the Luminox sensor.

gaslab software

In addition to graphs of the (TC) oxygen, (TC) pressure, (TC) % relative humidity and (TC) temperature inside the tube cap, samples are also shown from the ambient air for comparison. The data can be saved and downloaded as a spreadsheet (.csv file) for long-term analysis.

These gas sampling tube cap adapters offer a new tool for researchers who need to monitor precise conditions inside a closed environment. For example, they could be used to monitor long-term changes in plant or animal respiration over varying conditions.

tube cap adapter calibration

The other advantage of gas sampling tube cap adapters is that they allow you to more accurately calibrate the sensor. The Ideal Gas Law (PV=nRT) tells us that temperature and pressure are important when measuring a gas. Using a simple on-line calculator like this I can do adaptive pressure compensation for calibration, direct measurement or precisely blend multiple gases.

For best results, these sampling tube cap adapters should be ordered with the sensor at the same time so that we can test the seal to the sensor before shipping.

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