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SST Basic Liquid Level Sensor

SST liquid level sensor
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SST Sensing's Optomax Basic Liquid Level Sensors are switches that change state in the presence of any water-based liquid or oil. The switches are used primarily for leak detection or high or low-level liquid detection. They are not suitable for continuous level measurement.

This basic version of the Optomax Liquid Level Sensor is designed primarily with price sensitive high volume OEM applications in mind like white goods, vending machines, and automotive applications. It requires a clean, protected and stable power supply and an available microcontroller or other circuit to determine whether the sensor is in air or liquid based on its analog output voltage.

The sensor has 3 wires: power, ground and output. When the sensing tip is immersed in liquid, power is switched on to the output.


  • Solid state, no moving parts 
  • Small in size, can be easily integration in wide range of applications
  • Ideal for leak detection
  • Fast response time
  • Can detect almost any Liquid type; oil or water based
  • Very robust permitting use in a wide range of fluids/chemicals


LLC-500D3- SST Optomax Basic Liquid Level Switch


  • Suitable for oil or liquids
  • Operating Temperature: -25C to +80C
  • Pressure: 20 bar / 209 psi Max
  • Response time: < 4s


  • Polysulfone PES
  • Dimensions: 22.7 x 10 mm
  • Internal mount with 12 mm flange
  • M10x1 thread
  • 1.5 Nm / 13.26 in-lbs max torque


  • 3 wire V+, 0V, output
  • 3.3 to 24VDC
  • 2.5mA Max
  • Digital Output High in Air


  • 90 days - See GasLab Terms and Conditions.

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