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About Us

Our mission is to continue to lead as gas sensing experts in the field; by providing accurate, precise, and innovative gas sensor solutions used for measurement, control and analysis.

Our solutions encompass industrial, medical, scientific, indoor air quality, and safety environments. We are dedicated to delivering unique and custom solutions to our customers which exceed their technical and commercial requirements.

Gaslab.com is the website for GasLab™, a company based in Ormond Beach, Florida that specializes in unique and advanced gas sensor technologies for many industries including aerospace, industrial, scientific, medical, indoor air quality, food processing, agriculture and more.

We provide industry leaders, researchers, university professors and engineers with best-in-class alternatives for a variety of environments and applications.

Our product’s key benefits include high-speed, durability, accuracy, and easy integration into a variety of applications. Our R&D engineers are constantly testing, building, and expanding on current trends in gas detection to understand the latest industry and consumer requirements.

GasLab is committed to our clients. We look forward to working together with you and your team to make an impact on your success and in the world.

Some of our current clients include:

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