GasLab® Configuration & Data Logging Software

GasLab® is our next generation software specifically designed for all CO2meter supplied sensor development kits.

GasLab Software

Supported Products

  • MX200 Series UV Flux Oxygen Smart Sensor Development Kits
  • MX200 Series CO2 Smart Sensor Development Kits
  • MX200 Series SprintIR CO2 Smart Sensor Development Kits
  • EC200 Series CO Smart Sensor Development Kits
  • EC200 Series Oxygen Smart Sensor Development Kits
  • LP8 Ultra low Power Sensor Development Kits
  • AMP 6600 and 6700 Series Sensor Development Kits
  • Figaro Sensor Development Kits
  • K30/K33/S8 Sensor Development Kits
  • COZIR, LP and SPRINTIR Development Kits
  • Oxygen UV-Flux 25% Development Kit
  • Sampling Data Loggers
  • K33 series Data Loggers
  • CO2 Probes 1%, 30%
  • CO2 Level controllers
  • TR250Z O2 Sensors

System Requirements

  • 1GHz processor with 1GB RAM, 1GB free disk space (2GB free disk space for 64 bit systems)
  • Windows XP/7/8/8.1 with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 (.NET framework will automatically be installed if required).
  • GasLab is not supported on Windows Vista, XP Media Center or XP Tablet editions.
  • On Intel-based Apple PCs the software can be run on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 Virtual Machine using VMWare Fusion and the .NET framework.

Any system not meeting these minimal requirements is not recommended. The software will not perform as expected.


To install GasLab® send us an email using the link below, and we'll immediately send you back a link to download the latest version. Download the program to a folder on your hard drive, then double click on it to finish the install.

If you have version or older of Gaslab® you can run both programs at the same time. Note that previous versions may be required to run some of our older products, so you should test both versions before deleting the older one.

Request Link to Install GasLab® Software

Quick Start Guide for USB Probes, Develpment Kits (pdf)

GasLab® User Manual (pdf)

Possible Warning During Installation

The GasLab® software has been tested and is verified to be 100% safe to install. Depending on your PC's security settings you may see a warning that it is unrecognized. Click the "More info" link, then click "Run anyway."