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Order Any SST Liquid Level Sensor from GasLab

sst liquid level sensors

Liquid Level Sensor Product Options Expanded

Since we recently started offering SST Sensing’s line of Optical Liquid Level Sensors, we’ve received dozens of requests from clients looking for other models we don’t normally stock. This shouldn’t have been a surprise. SST offers over 175 variations of their Liquid Level Sensors, and there was no way we could have foreseen the interest in this new product.

To help our customers select the right liquid level sensor, GasLab has created a PDF catalog of all the models available and can order the exact kind you need.

What is an Optical Liquid Level Sensor?

Optical liquid level sensors are solid state. They use an infra-red LED and phototransistor which are optically coupled when the sensor is in air. When the sensing tip is immersed in liquid, the infra-red light escapes making the output change state.

These sensors can detect the presence or absence of almost any liquid. They are not sensitive to ambient light and are not affected by foam when in air or by small bubbles when in liquid. This makes them useful where the state change must be quickly and dependably noted, and where they can function reliably for extended periods without maintenance.

What are Liquid Level Sensors Used for?

If you need to measure the presence or absence of a liquid or oil in a pipe or container, you need a liquid level sensor. These sensors are used in applications as varied as aviation, marine, industrial or food processing. Need to know if a tank is full or has run dry without looking inside? A liquid level sensor will do that reliably for years without fouling, maintenance or repair.

Ordering SST Liquid Level Sensors

GSS offers 3 lines of liquid level sensors:

  • Optomax Digital – these are best suited for low-power signaling of liquid presence or absence.
  • Optomax Industrial – these work the same, but offer high power signaling and voltages up to 1 amp.
  • Optomax Industrial Glass – similar to the industrial line, but offering a stainless steel housing and glass tip to enable these sensors to work in harsh chemical environments.

Once you have selected a line of sensors, the next step is to select interior or exterior mounting, mounting hole size, thread count, housing material and sensing logic. See the selection guide to learn about all the options.

All the options are coded in the part number of each sensor. For example, an LLC-500A3 uses a Pholysulfone housing, 10mm thread mounted internally, and a 3-wire analog output. An LLC-500D3 has all the same features but offers a digital output. A spreadsheet of all the sensors available with datasheets, prices and mechanical drawings is available here.

Once you’ve selected the right liquid level sensor for your application, fill out an RFQ with the sensor model number desired and quantity. Within a business day we’ll have a quote to you for your sensors. Note that because these are special order, RFQs for SST Liquid Level sensors must be pre-paid and are non-returnable. For large orders, fast turn-around sample sensors are available. However, unless otherwise noted, the sensors will be delivered to you in 2-4 weeks.

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