Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved oxygen meter sensor
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The TecPen Dissolved Oxygen Meter provides accurate oxygen measurement in mg/L or parts per billion (ppb) in water and other liquids. This portable, rechargeable DO meter is useful for measuring trace oxygen levels from 0-2,000 ppb for quality control in packaged liquids like beer, or for biological or industrial applications.

The meter is designed to be used in a process with pressurized liquid from a sampling valve, or with an external pump having 1 L/min. flow. Because it relies on fluid pressure instead of an internal pump, it can monitor trace oxygen levels in real-time for hours before recharging.

Unlike electrochemical sensors, this optical oxygen sensor is not affected by other gases including nitrogen or CO2, Because there are no moving parts it requires virtually no maintenance. Measurement are taken in seconds and data can be logged in internal memory and downloaded later via USB.


  • Accurate optochemical oxygen sensor
  • Real-time measurements in seconds
  • Data can be logged and downloaded via USB
  • Industry-standard .CSV data files


    TS-600 Dissolved Oxygen Meter measures trace oxygen level in water or liquids.


    • Measurement range: 0 – 2000 ppb or 0-2 mg/L
    • Accuracy 0-200 ppb: ± 2% Mev**
    • Accuracy 200-1000 ppb: ±3% Mv*
    • Accuracy 1,000-2,000 ppb: ±5% Mv*
    • Resolution: 1ppb or 0.001 mg/L
    • Max. Pressure: 5 bar
    • Response time at 25°C/77°F: <150 ms
    • Temp. range Min./Max: -10°C/ +60°C (14°F/140°F)
    • Power supply: 5V USB and LiPo
    • Rechargeable battery lifetime: > 3h per charge
    • Data Interface: USB
    • Temperature compensation: 4-30°C (39,2-86°F)
    • Display: OLED
    • Cleaning housing: No organic solvents, 40% EtOH
    • Cleaning sample line: Water, 40% EtOH, Mild detergents, no organic solvents
    • Parts touching sample: St. 1.4404/PTFE/Glass
    • Case: Anodized aluminum
    • Case with Device Weight: 2.45 lbs.
    • Case Dimensions: 12 x 11 x 3.25 inches
    • Device Weight: 0.50 lbs.
    • Device Dimensions: 7 x 2 x 1 inch
    • Protection class: IP 65
    • Main service interval (Service including necessary retrofitting): 3 years
    • Sensor cap replacement interval: 1 year
    • Recommended zero-point adjustment by customer: 3 months

    *Mv = measured value
    **Mev = measured end value

    TecSense sensors are CE, FCC, IC, KC, and MIC marked, meet the requirements of ASTM F2714-08, and the European and Canadian standards for food safety. The company is DIN ISO 9001/2015 certified.


    • 1 year. See GasLab Terms and Conditions. 

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