Methyl Bromide

Methyl bromide (CH3Br) or bromomethane is a colorless, odorless gas used to fumigate pests and as an intermediate in the manufacture of other chemicals.

This colorless, odorless, non-flammable gas is highly toxic to human and animal life. Concentrations in the range of 60,000 ppm can be immediately fatal, while toxic effects can present following prolonged exposure to concentrations well under 1,000 ppm. The 8-hour TWA (time-weighted average) for workers using this gas is 1 part per million.

While production is banned in the US, it is still allowed to be imported and sold under stringent guidelines for quarantine and pre-shipment uses. For example, it can be used to fumigate agricultural and bulk wood products to control pests during  international shipping. In some countries methyl bromide is still used as a fumigant and to remove pests from plants during the growing season. 

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