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Thomas Micro Pumps for Gas Sampling Sensors

Thomas Micro Pumps for Gas Sampling Sensors
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These micro gas sampling pumps by Thomas are designed to provide a constant flow of air across any of our sample draw sensors or sensors with tube cap kits. This makes them perfect for bench-top testing of sensors for closed-loop sampling applications.

Using a pump, an air or gas sample is drawn through an optional particulate filter, water trap, and hydrophobic filter for cleaning and to remove excess moisture in the gas that might foul the sensor. The pump then pulls the sample across a gas sensor with a tube-cap that creates a sealed system. Finally, the gas is either exhausted or returned back to the original closed-loop system.


  • PMP-0010500 ml/min., 1,000 hours
  • PMP-0013450 ml/min., 10,000 hours
  • PMP-0012 - 700 ml/min., 10,000 hours

Each miniature diaphragm pump we supply is pre-calibrated and ready to use.

Specifications: PMP-0010

  • Flow: 500 ml/min
  • Max. intermittent duty: 380 to 400 mbar
  • Max. pressure: 400 mbar
  • Max. continuous pressure: 150 mbar
  • Max. restart pressure: 150 mbar
  • Max. vacuum 36 to 40%
  • Max. restart vacuum 15%
  • Ambient temperature: 10 to 50°C
  • Media temperature: 10 to 50°C
  • Fittings: 3mm OD inlet/outlet
  • Weight: 17g
  • Port Direction: D
  • Motor Type: Permanent magnet
  • Power Consumption: 3.5 to 5 V/305 to 460 mW
  • Protection Class: IP00
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve bearing

Specifications: PMP-0013

  • Max Flow (Air): 450 ml/min
  • Max Pressure (Air): 11 psi
  • Max Flow (Water): 80 ml/min
  • Max Pressure (Water): 8 psi
  • Housing: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Tubing Connectors: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Seals: Silicon Nitrile, EPDM, Viton
  • Fittings: 3mm OD inlet/outlet
  • Input Voltage: 3.0 - 6.0VDC Max 0.5A
  • Power usage: 0.1-0.6W

Specifications: PMP-0012

  • Flow: 700 ml/min
  • Max. intermittent duty: 1000 mbar
  • Max. pressure: 1000 mbar
  • Max. continuous pressure: 300 mbar
  • Max. restart pressure: 700 mbar
  • Max. vacuum: 48%
  • Max. restart vacuum: 48%
  • Fittings: 3mm OD inlet/outlet
  • Weight: 95 g
  • Ambient temperature: 10 to 50°C
  • Media temperature: 10 to 50°C
  • Motor Type: Brushless DC
  • Power Consumption: 1.08 W
  • Protection Class: IP00
  • Drive electronic: integrated
  • Bearing Type: Ball bearing


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    I was provided with excellent service. Everything went out even faster I had thought.

    "Swift response and shipment. The product is easy to setup and use. It is just what I was looking for."

    - Shima Tomohiro

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