SST 25% or 100% Oxygen Sensor System

Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System
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SST Sensing's Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System offers a complete 25% or 100% oxygen level measurement solution by removing the need for customers to develop their own electronics. It can be used in combustion control systems, coal, oil, gas, biomass or in oxygen generation systems

The system employs a well proven, zirconium dioxide element at its heart and, due to its innovative design, does not require a reference gas. This, along with its rugged stainless steel construction means the sensor can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -100°C to 250°C and aggressive environments.

When connected to the OXY-LC interface board (required), the OXY-O2S-FR oxygen sensor measures oxygen concentrations of 0.1% to 25% or 0.1-100% solution with a 4-20mA analog output. An RS485 output interface board is also available with selectable 0.1% to 25% or 0.1-100% ranges.


  • Non-depleting zirconium dioxide technology gives long life span
  • Integrated heating element measures in extreme cold
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Variety of probe mounting positions available


Zirconia Oxygen Sensor System - consists of a probe and interface board. Probe and Sensor Interface Board must be both be purchased for a complete sensor system.

OXY-O2S-FR-T2-18BM-C - Zirconia Probe -  28mm zirconium dioxide oxygen sensor with threaded probe for easy installation. Cable length 1m (39.4 in.)

OXY-LC-A25-455 Oxygen Sensor Interface Board - 0.1-25% oxygen range from 4-20mA output. Removes the need for customers to develop their own electronics to take readings from the probe.

OXY-LC-A100-455 Oxygen Sensor Interface Board - 0.1-100% oxygen range from 4-20mA output. Extended range when measuring oxygen in bulk storage tanks.

OXY-LC-485 Oxygen Sensor Interface Board - 0.1-25% or 0.1-100% oxygen range (user selectable on board) with RS485 output. Can be calibrated to any known oxygen gas.


  • Oxygen Range: 0.1-25% or 0.1-100%
  • Accuracy after calibration: 0.5% O2
  • Output resolution: 0.01% O2
  • Response time (10-90% step): < 4s
  • Initial warm up time (till stable output): 5-10 mins
  • Supply voltage - Analog output: 20-28Vdc
  • Supply current: 600mA max. at 24Vdc, 1.2A max. at 12Vdc
  • Analog Output: 4-20mA; load 600Ω max or 0—10VDC; load 10kΩ min
  • Digital Output: RS485 Board only
  • Pump impedance at 700°C1: <6kΩ
  • Permissible gas temperature: -100°C to +250°C
  • Gas flow rate: 0—10m/s
  • Calibration: N2 for analog boards, any known O2 level for RS485 board.
  • Operating pressure limits: 260-1260 mbar absolute 
  • Mounting thread: M18 X 1.5


    • 90 days - See GasLab Terms and Conditions.

    Datasheet Data Sheet

    Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide (pdf)

    Quick Start Guide Manual (pdf)

    SST Sensor and Interface Selection Guide Sensor and Interface Selection Guide (pdf)


    oxygen sensor overview by SST SST Zirconia Sensors Overview

    oxygen sensor 4-20mA Analog 4-20mA Sensor Setup and Test

    oxygen sensor RS485 Digital RS485 Sensor Setup and Test

    oxygen sensor 4-20mA calibration Analog Sensor Manual Calibration

    Suggested Mounting Hardware

    Self-retaining M4 Nylon Board Spacers - board mounting requires 4 standoffs/spacers greater than 4mm to insulate the board and provide space for components on the underside. Order part number KWH5-8 (5mm length) or longer. Uses M4 screws. 

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