Food and Beverage Applications

Food and beverage applications rely on gas sensors to measure carbon dioxide and oxygen.

All our products use: state of the art NDIR CO2 Sensors to insure long-life, dependability and accuracy for every application.

CO2 Storage Safety

co2 storage safety alarm

While bulk carbon dioxide CO2 tanks are virtually leakproof, the tubing and manifolds used to deliver the gas and combine it with the liquid can be broken. High concentrations of CO2 gas in enclosed areas is a serious health hazard to both customers and staff. 

To monitor CO2 levels a CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is the best protection. It instantly alarms audibly and visually if high CO2 levels are detected.

our CO2 Storage Safety Alarm is used in hundreds of locations nationwide:

  • Fine-dinging Restaurants
  • Fast food Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Hotels
  • Venus
  • And many more

Microbreweries and Wineries

Carbon dioxide gas created as the result of fermentation tanks or stored for cleaning pipes can be dangerous to workers. A CO2 Storage Safety Alarm should be mounted in any area where CO2 buildup can occur.


Grain Silos and Bins

Grain loss or damage during storage can be eliminated through the use of carbon dioxide to suffocate the pests and insects, as well as to measure high CO2 levels to verify their presence.

Bulk Food Storage & Shipping

multi gas meter

One of the main causes of food spoilage is the presence of oxygen during transport. This can be minimized by using sealed bulk food storage containers. The atmosphere inside the container can be verified using a a product like the GasLab Plus Multi Gas Detector to verify both oxygen and CO2 levels.


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