Medical & Scientific Applications

Products designed for medical and scientific applications.

GasLab has worked with hundreds of businesses, scientists and engineers over the years to enable a wide range of gas sensing solutions. We test all the products we offer to insure they are right for your application.


The advent of cryogenics has created a wide range of applications in the scientific and medical fields. For example, cryogenics is used for:

cryogenic applications
  • Cryosurgery, cryobiology and cryotherapy
  • The study of cold-adaptation of microorganisms, plants, animals and vertebrates
  • Cryopreservation of cell tissues and embryos used in invitro fertilization
  • Preservation of organs
  • Lyophilization, the freeze-drying of pharmaceuticals
  • Supercooling biological systems

Because cryogenic gas leaks in enclosed areas can quickly displace oxygen, oxygen depletion safety alarms are used in every cryogenic application.

Human and Animal Respiration

human respiration

Measuring CO2 and oxygen gas intake and output for people and humans requires fast and accurate gas sensors. For example, the GSS SprintIR®-6S 5% CO2 Sensor can take up to 20 readings per second. This makes it useful for low volume or pressure sensitive measurements like human and animal end-tidal respiration analysis. The LuminOX LOX-O2 sensor with its integrated inlet and outlet ports makes it useful for measuring oxygen depletion in real-time.

Both these sensors and many more have been used in hundreds of experiments over the years by researchers.

Biological Incubators

bio incubator

Bio incubators are climate-controlled enclosures used in life-science labs to grow biological cell cultures. Adding carbon dioxide inside the enclosure maintains a neutral pH balance suitable for maximum cell growth. Sensors like our MicroSENSE IR Incubator CO2 Sensor are optimized to maintain the carbon dioxide level at precisely 5% while withstanding up to 190° C for heat and steam CIP sterilization.

Environmental Air Quality

outdoor air quality

GasLab offers a wide range of ambient air CO2 sensors that are used by scientists and researchers worldwide.

As global CO2 levels rise there has been an increasing demand for low-cost sensors to measure carbon dioxide levels outdoors. Our ambient air CO2 sensors have been used to in applications to measure the long-term effect of increased CO2 on trees, to measure the change in CO2 levels due to permafrost melting, and more.

Oxygen in Water and Liquids

Monitoring oxygen levels in water or other liquids are critical in many medical, industrial and scientific applications including:

water quality and dissolved oxygen
  • River and lake water quality
  • Fish farming
  • Trace oxygen in oils
  • Cannabis hydrocarbon extraction

Where trace oxygen levels must be accurate, the TecPen Dissolved Oxygen Meter provides accurate oxygen measurement in mg/L or parts per billion (ppb) in water and other liquids.

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