Tube Cap Adapter for 20mm Gas Sensors

Tube Cap Adapter for 20mm Gas Sensors
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Tube cap adapters convert any industry standard 20mm gas sensor from diffusion to sampling sensors. 

We offer 3 standard gas in-out tube caps that work with any 20mm gas sensor and 2 custom 20mm tube caps with ribbon cables for sensors on MX boards that have barometric pressure, temperature, and % relative humidity sensors on board. Verify the tube cap you need from the models below.

Tube cap adapters are not pre-installed. For accurate results you must mount the tube cap permanently. This video shows you how.

Models for all 20mm Sensors

  • TC-1 - 3 mm side mounted ports
  • TC-2 - 3 mm top mounted ports
  • TC-3 - 4.5 mm top mounted ports

Works with:

Models for Sensors on MX Boards

Use with sensors on MX boards only. Ribbon cable connects to the PCB to measure barometric pressure, temperature, and % relative humidity levels in gas sample.

  • TC-4 - 3 mm side mounted ports away from sensor
  • TC-5 - 3 mm side mounted ports towards sensor

Works with:

  • Warranty: 1 Year. See GasLab Terms and Conditions.

To get the most use out of our tube cap adapters you'll need tubing, moisture and particle filters, and a micro pump to pull the gas across the sensor. We offer everything you need below to create a full bench-top gas sampling setup.

Micro-Pump Kit Our most popular option - includes all the tools you need to utilize the tube-cap adapters as part of a sampling sensor system.

Nafion tubing is a highly selective, semi-permeable membrane to water vapor. If gases inside Nafion tubing are wetter than gases surrounding the tubing, drying will occur. If the surrounding gases are wetter, humidification will occur.

Micro gas sampling pumps provide a constant flow of air across the sensor with a tube cap - perfect for bench-top testing of sensors for closed-loop sampling applications or if you need a longer-lasting or higher volume pump.

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Brad Williams
It works fine so far

It fits fine and works as advertised. The hose connections seem very thin could be a little more durable.

"Swift response and shipment. The product is easy to setup and use. It is just what I was looking for."

- Shima Tomohiro

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